iVoteAmerica Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz for President

Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell thrice lied to his face. Ted Cruz went public with the lie, insisting by his action that our leaders be honest in their dealings. Promise Keeper Cruz has been a promise-keeper and a truth-teller. His principled approach to governing is matched by his actions. Whether it was his courageous stand […]

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iVoteAmerica Ted Cruz Wisconsin Primary

Cruz and His Hole Cards

Senator Ted Cruz is undoubtedly familiar with Texas poker. The most famous of all poker games is Texas Holdem. The card game works just like the campaign trail. Each player (candidate) is dealt two cards, each delivered face down. These two cards are known as a player’s ‘hole cards’.  During the game, a round of […]

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iVoteAmerica Jeff Sessions

Palin and Sessions Drink Trump Kool Aid

First it was Sarah Palin, the once stalwart conservative and queen bee of the Tea Party. It was more than many of us could handle as we watch in shock and disbelief as the former Governor of Alaska stepped to the podium to endorse Donald Trump for President. Millions of conservatives were watching nervously and […]

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iVoteAmerica Mitt Romney

Romney and GOP Rule 40

Mitt Romney crawled out from under a rock in Utah to deliver a blistering rejection of Donald Trump as the Republican Party’s nominee for President. Romney, like all of us, is entitled to his opinions and the opportunity to voice them as granted to him under the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution. But why […]

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iVoteAmerica LevinTV Logo

Levin Launches TV Broadcast

iVoteAmerica just subscribed to Mark Levin’s TV Broadcast, his newest and perhaps most dynamic venture to date. After spending considerable time building out a new new television studio, Levin’s effort at live video broadcast will deliver new conservative asset to our movement. As the Founder of iVoteAmerica I am thrilled at the potential contribution LevinTV […]

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iVoteAmerica Nikki Haley

RINO Haley Endorses RINO Rubio

There are endorsements… and, there are ENDORSEMENTS. Rubio picked up a politically motivated and calculated endorsement from Governor Nikki Haley, South Carolina’s most current convert to compromise. Of course, endorsements come in two flavors. There are the bland, obviously self-serving, attention-grabbing endorsements like Haley’s, which are all about optics. Then, there are the courageous, risk-taking […]

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iVoteAmerica Antonin Scalia

America’s Supreme Constitutional Jurist

News of the passing of America’s supreme constitutional jurist, Antonin Gregory Scalia, shocked conservatives. His passing leaves a gaping wound in a court already being bled of its historical connection to originalist interpretation. Justice Scalia once said, “My burden is not to show that originalism is perfect, but that it beats the other alternatives, and […]

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