Donald Teel is the Founder and Editor of iVoteAmerica®. He has been an Arizona resident since 1960. He is a commercial real estate broker, private pilot, photographer and an avid reader of America's history.

What does a mother do whose family immigrated from Soviet-controlled Budapest, Hungry through Yugoslavia, to Brazil and then to the United States of America only to have her adult son murdered by an illegal alien? She runs for political office, not just any office but the US House of Representatives, from California, District 31. Meet Agnes Gibboney, Angel mom.

My time with Agnes Gibboney left me both bewildered and encouraged. I’m perplexed at the lack of resolve to protect citizens from illegals who continue to gun down, rape, and pillage our society.  Yet, I am encouraged by the story of another kind of immigrant, a legal immigrant whose family escaped from Hungary in 1956 and made their way to America, their land of hope and promise.

The story of Agnes Gibboney is one of unparalleled strength of purpose and will. But it didn’t start with her, and it didn’t start in America.

Her story began at the age of two, in Budapest, Hungary, the daughter to parents who dared to escape the ruling government of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, now know as merely Russia. Under the darkness of night, she, along with her older brother and parents, passed through the former Yugoslavia, eventually making their way to Brazil, and then a decade later to America.

When I asked Agnes why her parents were willing to risk death to escape Soviet Communism, her answer was simply “freedom.” When I asked her why her parents picked the United States rather than France or Italy, her response was again, “American freedom.”

iVoteCalifornia, in cooperation with iVoteAmerica, is proud to endorse Agnes Gibboney for Congress in 2020, representing California District 31. She’s a conservative, a Republican, pro-life, pro 1st, and 2nd Amendment, and more than most, she understands why America must enforce its immigration laws.

Please enjoy my interview with Agnes Gibboney. Her responses are in blockquotes following my questions.

Donald: We like to start our interviews by asking each candidate to define their view of government, what’s yours?

Yes. Please consider the fact that I am not a politician. My view of government is that its obligations are to take care of the protection of the people, make sure things are working in accordance with the law, putting the well-being of the country first by working and representing the will of the people, first. If politicians are committed to this they won’t make promises they don’t keep and switch their opinions after being elected.

Donald: You were born in Budapest, Hungary, a part of the USSR, as we used to call it, and your family fled in the 1950s about the time of the invasion of Hungary. Tell me that story.

I turned two years old in October, 1956. The Soviet Union invaded Hungary in December 1956. My parents tried to escape and were caught. In January 1957 my parents made a second attempt to escape the oppression and with the help of a Pharmacist, they were successful in crossing into the former Yugoslavia where we remained in a refugee camp for about 10 months. I don’t remember any of this because of my age at the time.

We arrived in Brazil in November 1957. This was my first memory of anything, living in Brazil at the age of three. I recall learning the Portuguese language.

Over the years my parents told me the stories about how terrible it was in Hungary, under oppression with the government controlling everything…that’s what socialism is, and that’s what Americans need to know. There is nothing pretty about socialism, it’s just another step to communism. When the government takes over, controlling every aspect of your life you lose your freedom. Many Hungarians escaped Hungary between 1956 and 1958 because they wanted freedom. Freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

Donald: Tell me a few things that come out of the stories your parents told you. Why were they willing to do what they did?

My father was born in Yugoslavia and it was the only border that was open at that time. They knew that to escape they needed to use the one open crossing. The next day, or perhaps the day after we crossed, that last border point was closed. We narrowly escaped by just days. My parents walked, and walked, and walked toward the border in the middle of the night…staying to the edge of the road to escape notice by military traffic. They encountered one soldier on a bicycle. Our party include my father, mother, brother, myself, and another couple. If the soldier would have blown his whistle my father would have had to kill him. Fortunately, the soldier ended up being friendly and gave my father directions to a location where there would be a changing of the guards and we could cross a ditch. Eventually, we came to a house and the people directed us to a refugee camp where we were processed and then transferred o Sarajevo.

Donald: How did your family, being inside that crucible of Soviet oppression and aggression, influence your upbringing, values, and convictions?

I don’t know exactly how I developed the beliefs and convictions I have…I think it must have been a process of hearing the same stories of my parents over and over again. I wish I would have paid more attention. After we immigrated to the United States and we got together with other people who were in the same refugee camp in Yugoslavia, I listened to their stories and they were absolutely horrific. There were stories of trading food staples just to survive. There was no means to cook a meal. I recall stories of farmers having to give two of their three pigs to the government. Nothing was made easy for them. Growing up all I could think about was socialism being like living in a situation where you’re given enough to survive but never advance yourself because the government-controlled everything. When I was a baby I was against the law to baptize a baby. My parents had to have my God-parents sneak me into the back of the church to have me secretly baptized. My parents were not even allowed to be present at the baptism of their own daughter…it was secretly done.  My mother’s friends gave her vouchers to buy meat for their celebration of my secret baptism. That’s how controlled it was…the government told you how much you could have and what you could do. There were no stories about the west, except the lies the government told about starvation in the west. My family had no access to a radio. Some people built their own receivers to get radio message into Hungary and others built transmitters to ask for help, help, help. My family was oppressed, free to roam around in the prison government built. Under those conditions, you could not work hard to make a business grow. Every business was owned by the government.

Donald: Are you seeing the same things your parents told you about Soviet socialism creeping into American politics?

Oh, yes! And it scares he heck out of me, Donald. It absolutely frightens me. I’ll tell you, living in the United States and growing up here, I never paid much attention to politics. A few months ago I was listening to the Democratic candidates for President who were asked, “Who wants socialism?” in effect, and they all raised their hands…free medical…there is no such thing, somebody has to pay for it. You or me?  When the money runs out, yours and mine, we will have nothing. AS much as I adore and respect this country, many Americans are clueless about what is really going on today, and I see them buying into the socialist nonsense.

Donald: When your parents decided where to go after escaping the iron fist of Soviet dominance, why did they pick America? Why not Italy, France, Belgium, or the UK?

Because they knew America was the land of opportunity. America represents freedom of speech and religion that my parents didn’t have. In America you can be anything you want if you’re willing to work hard. My parents were able to see the difference between the two models of government. The little my parents knew about the west, they knew it was being lied about by the Soviet government. When I went to Hungary, I noticed all the buildings were all white, light gray or dark gray. There were no blue, red, or yellow buildings. Everything seemed gloomy and dark. People were so brainwashed they never noticed there was no color. Now things are a little different. I recall telling my mother if I had to live under socialism, I’d rather not live at all.

Donald: You mentioned the lack of color…you said people knew it was wrong, instinctively. Do we all have an innate desire for freedom? Do you believe that?

Absolutely! Everybody has a desire to be free. To come and go, to chose what they want…it’s something humanity craves. When you don’t have the freedom you crave it, it’s God-given. People in Hungary and Europe knew the yearning for freedom was there, within them, and they fought communism, and many died fighting it.

Donald: Tell me about the House of Ruth.

House of Ruth is a shelter for domestic violence where I volunteered or five and one-half years. I was a victim of domestic violence at the hands of my son’s father who used to beat me up all the time. It was so bad that at one time I was even afraid to go to sleep at night. I was nearly strangled to death on three different occasions. Houe of Ruth is a place where women can escape their abusive partners, as they seek a better life.

Donald: You’re running for US House in California District 31. what’s the wrong you want to correct?

I would like to see more done with homelessness. It almost epidemic, and continues to grow. The government keeps paying large sums of money for consultants to figure out how to diminish homelessness and how to manage it. And they don’t seem to ever solve the problems. We need to eliminate those people and the expenses. Years ago law enforcement used to deal with the homeless and direct them to leave or seek assistance for mental or drug issues. There are some homeless who want to live like that. Many others have problems they cannot cope with. We need programs to monitor the health and stability of the homeless. They are vulnerable to health problems, including the Coronavirus. Sometimes the homeless are clustered, increasing exposure to disease and to spreading the disease to the public. One o the reasons New York is having problems with the virus is they live in high-density situations. California wants Agenda 21, stack and pack, get people on bicycles and public transportation. You can’t ride a bike to work in Califonia if your job is an hour away.

Donald: Many conservatives consider California to be a socialist state. Is it socialist, and if so, how is it socialist?

In my opinion, with the Governor we now have California is definitely a socialist state. Gavin Newsome has done nothing but destroy the state. How do we deal with that? We put conservatives in office. It won’t happen in one or two election cycles, because it didn’t happen over a few elections, it took a long time to get where we are.  There are many Democrats in California who do not agree with the direction of the government. Californi has been run by liberal Democrats for a very long time and you can see the results. When hey get elected they aren’t working for Californians anymore, they are working for globalism, to take money from working people and spread their wealth to others. Why should the government be allowed to take what working people have created and use it to care for people who want to sit on their butts, or hang out at the beach smoking whatever?  Why? California is pretty much a socialist state because it does what socialist governments do.

Donald: You have the title, “Angel Mom.” I want to talk with you about your sone, Ronald. Tell me about April 27th, the day Ronald’s life ended.

It was the worst nightmare of my life. I was on a camping trip with my two daughters that day at Lake Paris. A Park Ranger found us and shined his bright flashlight into our tent telling me there was an emergency and I needed to call home. My first thought was something might have happened to my mother.  When I called my husband he told me my son, Ronald had been shot and was in surgery, but alive. I immediately thought this happens to others, but not within my circle of influence. All I could think of was dring home to be with my son at the hospital. Of course, I thought I will need to nurse him back to health and he would be okay.

When we arrived home my daughters went in ahead of me and immediately started crying. My husband met me in the hallway  saying, “I’m so sorry.”  My response was, I needed to get to the hospital and I started to leave. He held me back and said, “No,  you don’t understand, Ronald didn’t make it.”

At that moment I felt like someone had poured a bucket of hot water from my head to my feet. I became disoriented, then called my mother and told her. I could hear my father in the background crying out, “What happened to my Ronald, what happened to my Ronald?”  I was not able to say the word “dead” or “died,” instead I told my mother, “Ronald is not here anymore.” To which she replied, “Jesus Christ, don’t joke about things like that.” I reminded her I don’t joke about things like this. My mother actually told my father, “Ronald died.”

After changing my clothes. I picked up my mother and went to the hospital. There were two police officers there and I asked if Ronald had said anything. I was hoping he had said, “Tell my mother I love her.” The office said, “No, he opened his eyes once, then passed out, he was losing oxygen.”  I later found out the bullet entered his arm and traveled across his chest severing his subclavian artery, cutting off oxygen.  I had to identify my son’s body and it was all I could do to gather the strength to look through a glass window at his body on a gurney.

Donald:  Your son’s killer, a scumbucket person, was here in the US illegally, convicted of murdering your son, and then released from prison early, is that right?

Actually, he had many, many convictions, and had been arrested and deported through San Diego. He was arrested for domestic violence and was sentenced to 2 or 3 weeks. This is where the breakdown in the judicial system starts. He was deported in 1999, came back and the judge released him back on streets. Later, he tried to shoot my son’s friend and the gun jammed, and he ended up killing my son instead. And what is the first thing the killer did? He fled back to Mexico. This is a habit of illegals and a pattern of the courts. Later the killer turned himself in. during his trial the prosecutors offered the killer a plea bargain. I was in court with my husband, who was the Assistant Chief of Police for the Del Monte police department at the time, and we were shocked. The judge actually asked the killer three times if he wanted to take a plea bargain and reminded him if he did he would be a young man when released and could spend time with his wife and children. I wanted to punch the judge!

The killer finally took the plea bargain down to involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to 11 years, plus 10 years for using a firearm. Governor Jerry Brown took the firearm part of the law off the books. There are no gun enhancement charges for gang members anymore. Due to law, his early release date was supposed to be June 24, 2020, which would be coming up. The state kept shaving off time for the killer, and sure enough, he was released on November 22, 2019. I reached out to everyone and worked hard to get him deported back to Mexico following his releases. he could be back, who knows! At least I had the satisfaction of getting him deported so no other citizen would be a victim of this gang member.

I’m not a hateful person. I wrote to him in prison a month-and-a-half before he was released, and asked him if he thought about Ronald my son, what he did to our family and my son’s children, his mother…all the people he hurt. I asked him to please have the dignity to answer my letter…he did not. He’s a piece of crap, excuse my French.

Donald:  Did you have the opportunity to testify before Congress?

Yes. President Trump took office in 2016, and in August 2017 I was asked to testify about border policy. I asked Congress to stand behind the President, to secure our borders, to protect our heritage and our culture. When you have open borders everything gets diluted. Luckily for Hungary, they put up barbed wire fences and was able to cut illegal immigration by 95%. When a country allows anyone to enter, pretty soon it will not have its culture. The United States has a culture, a history, a language, a way of life, and we’re losing it. I’m baffled that few have the courage to stand up and say no to illegal immigration. If you do say that,  you’re called a racist. Well, call me a racist. I’m going to protect our country. It seems like he liberal snowflakes have learned a new vocabulary…racist. It’s insanity. Trump was called a racist for calling Coronavirus a Chinese virus…it is a Chinese virus, it came from China! If a virus came from Hungary, I’m not going to be bent out of shape if it’s called the “Hungarian virus.”

Donald:  Tell California voters the first things you want to tackle after b sworn into the House of Representatives.

Fist of all, immigration. That’s important to me as a legal immigrant who took an oath to this nation, and secondly, because of what happened to my son, Ronald. If an elected official doesn’t want to protect this country they shouldn’t be elected, and if they are in office, they should be removed.  We are sworn to protect the nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I would like to bring some integrity back to the halls of Congress.

I want to fight for the homeless and come up with solutions. Some of the homeless are veterans.

High on my list is the Second Amendment. Even though my son was shot, I support the rights contained in the Second Amendment. And, I am a protector of our First Amendment rights.

Finally, we should have term limits. Let’s get rid of the Pelosis and Schumers who stay in office for years and years, Republican or Democrat.

Donald: What’s difficult right now in the campaign?

Fundraising. I have a grassroots campaign and that’s difficult. Here’s an example: I would have cost me $18,000 to put a campaign statement on the ballot. I didn’t do it, but still got 40% of the vote. When people get to hear me and get to know me and my positions and determination as a “doer” they vote for me. People can go to my web page to donate. You don’t have to live in my district. I could use the help.

Donald:  What is your view of the sanctity of life…? The unborn baby and the elderly. Do you have a sanctity of life ethic?

I am pro-life. I am a heartbeat advocate. If a doctor and mother conspire to kill a baby they should be charged with murder. The only possible exception might be rape and incest. If an abortion bill comes before me, I will vote for the life of the unborn. I will vote pro=life, I guarantee you.

Donald: Your website says, “Agnes is not a politician; she is a strong woman.” What is a strong woman?

As strong woman  is a woman  who has gone through a lot of life experiences and sill holds to her views and values, unique to herself.

Donald: What’s your favorite movie?

Immitation of Life

Donald: Do you eat Sushi?

Do I eat Sushi…(laughter)…no I don’t…closet thing would be a California roll.

Donald: What was your first car?

A brand new Chevy Chevette…red.

Donald:  What self-improvement goal might you set for yourself.

I need to learn more about politics and how i works.

Donald: What time do you get up in the morning?

About 7 am.

Donald: What’s your favorite color?

Not one…I like red, turquoise, yellow…I like happy colors.

Donald: What food do you crave?


Donald: Do you have a favorite President?

Ronald Reagan…he was the first person I voted for after becoming a citizen. After him, Donald Trump.

Donald: What was your first job.

I worked in a printing company verifying the accuracy of names and addresses before boxing personal checks for banks.

Donald: Do you have a pet?

I do. I’m an absolute dog lover. My dog came from Hungary as a legal immigrant…I’m serious, she has a passport! She’s a Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla.

If you would like to find out more about the candidacy of Agnes Gibboney:

Visit her website.

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Donate to her campaign.

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