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Erin Cruz is a Republican candidate for California’s 36th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. But what do we really know about her? In short, not much. But we’d love to learn more.

We at iVoteCalifornia tried without success to interview Cruz during her 2018 Senate run. She lost the race; we pulled back. Now it’s time to regroup.

Here’s what we know about Cruz so far: Her political roots are Tea Party, and she calls herself a “constitutional conservative.” On her Senate campaign website, she claims “the ability to transcend traditional Party Lines. Mrs. Cruz’s platform is Less Tax, Less Regulation, Less Government.”

We support her testimonial that the “Founding Fathers had it right, the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights secure our unalienable rights as given by God.”

In a recent tweet, she wrote:

Cruz is an NRA member and a Second Amendment devotee, who has completed and published her NRA candidate questionnaire on her Senate campaign website.

This effective tweet drew a bevy of enthusiastic support:

iVoteCalifornia would like to see more of this.

Cruz’s biographical page tells us what we need to know about her life, and it’s good stuff. It’s up-close and personal, with a compelling personal anecdote and effective connections to California.

This is Cruz’s real story, one that should be amplified to the highest possible decibel level, because it has the potential to easily translate to votes:

Erin Cruz is a strong conservative whose priorities include a strong national defense; enhanced border security, economic growth, fiscal accountability and transparency, and protecting taxpayer interests. 

Erin Cruz is a mother and widow of internationally renowned scientist, Rene Cruz, PhD. Mrs. Cruz is a native Southern Californian, born and raised. She is an entrepreneur and savvy business woman who is fed up with the political status quo of politicians putting politics before the needs and will of the people.

For Erin, a Native Californian, watching California deteriorate is deeply concerning. From crumbling infrastructure to rising homelessness, rising crime to out of control spending, the constant barrage of tax burden placed on the people is out of control. We need a solution to the division among social and political groups to get the work done. 

In her bid for the California 36th seat, she will face the rather formidable and experienced Democrat, Congressman Raul Ruiz. Ruiz was first elected to the House of Representatives in 2012 and most recently defeated Republican Kimberlin Brown Pelzer in the 2018 general election by a decisive margin of 59 to 41 percent.

Ruiz has roots. He graduated magna cum laude from UCLA and has earned three degrees from Harvard University, including a medical doctorate and a master’s in both public policy and public health.

If Cruz is going to be successful in taking on Ruiz, she is going to need help, and iVoteCalifornia is just where she can find it. We would first like to schedule an interview to be published on our website either as an article or a podcast or both, and then, depending on her stances, we would love to consider endorsing her.

Cruz’s future in politics is dependent upon her ability to draw a sharp, well-defined policy contrast with Raul Ruiz. Her personal story is compelling. She is a native Californian, a widow, and a writer, and we at iVoteCalifornia would love to learn more.

Contact us, Erin. We want to help.

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